Our Staff


Loriee has been working in veterinary hospitals since she was 15 years old. Her love and passion for animals is evident in everything she does. Loriee has been a veterinary technician for 23 years and joined the AHAH team in 2015. She was a veterinary technician at that time and has now advanced to become the office manager. Loriee enjoys playing with and loving on her 3 dogs, Willow (Great Dane), Isles (Shiba Inu) and Jessie Lynn (puggle). She also has unofficially adopted two of our clinic cats Boy and Tiara. Recently, Loriee has added 3 green cheek conures (Baby Zazio, Cricket and Blue) to her animal family. 


Loriee’s love of animals extends to wildlife as well, and she is very passionate about rehabilitating and caring for abandoned baby raccoons and squirrels. Sometimes she even brings the babies to work and they “help out” around the office or hang with Dr. Cat.


Ariel came to AHAH with no veterinary experience, but she was enthusiastic and eager to learn. She started out as a receptionist and has excelled in this position. Working with Dr. Cat has inspired Ariel to want to learn more and she has started expanding her skills to become a veterinary assistant. Ariel has 2 dogs, both rescues, one that was actually found abandoned in a dumpster near the clinic. She also has 2 potbelly pigs! In her free time she enjoys movies, walking with her dogs and helping Dr. Cat and Loriee with the great dane rescue. 


Deb has worked in the veterinary field for 29 years. She started out as a receptionist and kennel tech and over the years moved up to the level of technician. “I love to be hands on and work directly with the animals.” Deb is often called “the cat whisperer” because of her ability to handle fractious cats. Deb lives with her husband Hank, their 2 dogs Ellee (greyhound) and Blondie (lab), and their 3 cats Neytiri, Elvis and Priscilla. Both Deb and Hank volunteer with Southeastern Greyhounds. They find it very rewarding to be able to educate potential adopters on how wonderful a greyhound can be as a family pet. With the number of dog racing tracks dwindling, there are a lot of these wonderful dogs that desperately need homes. Deb is grateful that she can be instrumental in finding forever homes for them.


Willow is the greeter for the clinic. She comes to work with her mom, Loriee every day. She takes her job very seriously and feels that every client should reciprocate her welcome by giving her a treat from the treat jar on the counter. 

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